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Use only the best tape to protect your fingers
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The word Ronin (浪人 in Japanese and literally meaning a person who is learning to become a samurai) is a Japanese term related to the fallen samurai, left without a master because of his death or for having lost his trust.
Ronin Tape is inspired by the famous story of the forty-seven Ronin, that shows how to continue fighting for ideals, despite the difficulties and adverse situations in life.

Ronin Tape was born from the need to find a specific tape designed for sports. Among various disciplines, CrossFit for example requires a multi-purpose tape given its very varied nature and different equipment such as barbells, bars, ropes and gymnastic rings.
A high intensity workout on a daily routine can cause injuries and bruises to the hands, with consequent loss of performance and, sometimes even training days due to recovery. Therefore the protection of the fingers and the most stressed areas of the hands is essential to ensure a constant improvement in athletic performance.

After many researches to obtain the optimal combination of elasticity and grip, Ronin Tape succeeded in establishing itself rapidly in sports environments, first of all achieving great success among major CrossFit athletes. The tape acts exactly like an armour, protecting the athlete and supporting him under intense physical stress, particularly during competitions and when hitting PRs.

But Ronin Tape doesn’t only apply to CrossFit, as it is also perfectly suited to other disciplines such as climbing and martial arts – BJJ in particular – when the tape is used to protect the joints and to ensure a better grip. For this reason, other types of tape are currently under development, specifically designed for these disciplines. Protection first, but also design, as Ronin Tape also has an eye for its visual identity.


Use only the best tape to protect your fingers


Be sure you won’t use anything else!
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Ronin Tape is made of cotton and elastic fibres, adhering perfectly to the fingers and wrapping the joints in total comfort to allow the necessary grip.

The tape is flexible enough so to quickly adapt to the shape of the fingers, to guarantee the protection of the tendon. It leaves no residue and is resistant to sweat, magnesite, absorbing moisture without compromising its qualities. The tape remains unchanged for three years if kept inside the original packaging.

Dimensions: 5 cm (H) x 4,5 m (L)
Elastic 1:1.5-1:1.8
Material: adhesive, cotton and elastic fibres (Spandex)

Clinically tested and hypoallergenic.

Average duration of a single tape used for hook grip for a total of four training sessions per week: about a month.

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It’s not necessary to use too much tape to have an optimal result during your workouts.

Just apply it correctly, avoiding waste to wrap your fingers at least twice, taking full advantage of its elasticity.

Just follow the steps shown in the video tutorial.


What do athletes say about Ronin Tape?
Elliot Simmonds
Elliot Simmonds
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I like it a lot. Definitely some of the best tape I've ever used.
Tony Fontana
Tony Fontana
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Sono sempre alla ricerca della perfezione per me e il mio Team. Con Ronin Tape è stato amore a prima vista, un valore aggiunto ad ogni Workout.
Danila Capaccetti
Danila Capaccetti
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Sono comodi perchè permettono mobilità alle dita, essendo elastici si adattano bene e questo li rende anche stabili, inoltre se ne utilizza meno per un uso quotidiano rispetto ai classici nastri.
Chiara Rota
Chiara Rota
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Finalmente un tape che tiene in qualsiasi condizione, rimane incollato con acqua e sudore! Stringe il giusto e ha un super grip! Non posso farne a meno!
Giorgia Donato
Giorgia Donato
Read More
La mia esperienza con Ronin Tape? Finalmente posso avere un tape che non mi sega le dita, che ha un ottimo grip, morbido ma resistente, che non si sposta quando sudi e non toglie nemmeno lo smalto!! Per me che lo avevo trovato solo negli USA è stata una manna dal cielo e al box lo mangiano letteralmente! Non faccio in tempo ad ordinarlo che ne serve altro!


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